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Solid-Soft Solutions represents the culmination of over 40 years of successful software development expertise. The two founders, Bob Daly and Alex Pasieka have both been involved in the design, development and successful deployment of a number of well received and highly regarded business software solutions.

Bob Daly - President

Bob Daly has been active in the software industry for the past 30 years. Beginning as a programmer in the early 1970's through his tenure as Vice President of Engineering of Cheyenne Software (purchased by Computer Associates in 1997), he has always striven for excellence in all facets of his work. At Cheyenne he was responsible for the product creation process : from requirements through code development, quality assurance, localization, delivery and product review coordination. The award winning, network essential product, ARCserve, was created, developed and popularized under Bob's leadership.

Prior to his entry into the field, Bob taught in the public schools for 11 years. A graduate of Rutgers University in New Jersey, Bob did his graduate work at C.W. Post. He has published "Disaster Recovery : Don't Get Caught Without A Plan" for the Network Professional Journal and is co-inventor of a patent owned by Cheyenne, System and Parallel Streaming and Data Striping to Backup a Network.

Bob currently does consulting work that addresses the needs of growing software firms by using tailored workshops with emphasis on productive process improvement. Additionally, he performs technical due diligence for a variety of venture capital firms. As an adjunct professor of Computer Science at Queens College in New York, Bob teaches graduate level courses which he designed to better equip students for real world software development.. He has also taught undergraduate Computer Science at St. John's University in New York.

Most recently, he has been involved in the design and deployment of web sites for small companies including ecommerce sites and has added specialized business services for small and medium sized businesses including software integration, point of sales systems as well as imaging, document management and disaster planning and recovery.


Alex Pasieka - Vice President - Special Business Services

Alex is an information systems specialist with over 25 years experience in the Financial Services, Insurance, Health Care and Manufacturing industries, with an emphasis in Project Management; Accounting & Financial Systems Software Implementation; Business Analysis; Workflow Analysis; Application Integration; Data Migration & Integration; and Full-Life Cycle Application Design & Development.

With a degree in Accounting & Computer Information Systems from Pace University in New York, Alex has been involved on the Delivery side, implementing both software and hardware business systems solutions in many small, medium and large size organizations. It has always been his belief that If you give the client what he/she wants, you will get what you need.

For the small and medium size companies, Alex has provided full and complete computer systems solutions from business requirements gathering (determining the needs of the client), to systems implementation and maintenance. Over the years he has performed complete Full-Life Cycle Application Development in many different areas, including:

  • Labor Union Administration system with complete Health Claims processing.
  • Information Management system for Elevator Service & Maintenance companies, including: Billing & Receivables; integration to an Accounting System; Service & Dispatching; Job Tracking; Building Inspections; and Violations Tracking.
  • Medical Practice Management System for Doctors/Providers.
  • Information Management & Tracking System for Limousine service companies.
  • Job Costing Systems for Construction companies to aid in tracking Labor, Equipment & Materials.

For several consulting firms, he managed numerous projects of up to 30+ members on the purchase, customization, and implementation of accounting/financial software packages.



About Solid-Soft

With over 60 years combined expertise, we help people select and implement software solutions that connect people to people and people to organizations.

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