For both investors and software companies looking for investors, Solid-Soft offers options.

We provide superior, value-added, management and evaluation consulting services to early stage, technology intensive companies through time tested, quantifiable techniques that will ensure repeated success.
With decades of experience in the software industry, our team has:
  • More than 35 years combined experience in the commercial software development arena.
  • Expertise in all facets of the product creation process – from requirements through code development, quality assurance, localization, delivery and product review coordination.
  • VP/COO level experience with Cheyenne Software, Computer Associates, VidiPax, FalconStor Software
  • Technical Due Diligence with leading venture capital companies

Technical Services

Technical due diligence provides the technical insider's insight needed to research and analyze all aspects of the technology involved in a potential investment. Due diligence is the process of investigating a potential investment. Due diligence involves examining operations and management and verifying material facts. Today, technology is increasingly complex, sophisticated, fast-pacedhighly competitive, and a high-risk investment. Technical due diligence provides the technical insider's insight needed to research and analyze all aspects of the technology involved in a potential investment. The information gathered during the due diligence process will help our clients:

  • Verify seller representation
  • Evaluate current in-house technology
  • Review existing technology plan, if one exists
  • Uncover problems, issues and concerns
  • Gain a better understanding of the business, industry, customer base and trends
  • Evaluate the depth of in-house technical expertise
  • Identify major factors determining the product and/or services demand
  • Perform a search and analysis of existing competition
Successful software development is measured by five factors, marketable technologies, customer satisfaction, consistent quality, on time delivery and profitable returns. The focus of our management consulting service is to help you develop an efficient and productive technical organization that can consistently produce high-quality results. We offer everything from coaching, mentoring, project retrospectives to "interim CTO" and technical advisory services. In a nutshell, we want to be your trusted technical advisor.
Careful planning and execution are the baseline for successful business opportunities. As companies plan to increase assets and market share, they must view every new venture from an objective and accurate standpoint. RD Consulting Services can help clients devise plans to reduce the risk and make informed and profitable business decisions. Who can use this service?
Computer technology companies focused on software / internet / intranet solutions at:

  • Inception Stage
  • Startup Mode
  • Recently or soon-to-be-funded
  • Early Stage, VC funded companies - troubled/rebuild situations

What are the services?

  • Internal Due Diligence – Re-examining a company’s health and viability from a technical, sales and marketing, financial, and human resources perspective
Marketing and Corporate Communications
  • Checklists of what is required for a successful marketing effort
  • Development of marketing plans
  • Creating brand identity
  • Developing collateral and advertising campaigns
  • Trade Shows
Technical Due Diligence / Development Assistance / Support Program Assistance
  • Checklist of what is required for a successful development team
  • Assessment of existing technology
  • Standards and Procedures development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Technical Support
Technical Writing and Documentation / Training
  • Traditional “print” manuals for end users, developers, and other technical users
  • Technical and Creative (collateral) writing and project Management
  • Technical Copy Writing Assistance
  • Training with traditional “print” materials for classroom training and self-guided interactive training using software.
  • Establishment of a training program – directed at company (incoming employees) and users
Financial and Administrative
  • Accounting systems, financial reporting, budgets and forecasts, cash flow analysis and control
  • Financial assistance to establish costs, reporting, and revenue goals and expectations
  • Human Resources: Salary administration programs, recruiting processes and controls
  • Facilities and office management processes
  • Assist in recruiting the right people to establish a startup
  • Financial Planning Assistance

Business Services

Business owners believe accounting is essential to making better business decisions and complying with legal & regulatory requirements. They must choose a solution to help them in streamlining their operations, get the insight behind their numbers, and comply with those requirements. By combining comprehensive business management tools with professional accounting basics in flexible, user-friendly products, the right solution will help you better understand your business so you can make better decisions and help you to sleep better at night.
Many businesses today have implemented some form of electronic data protection. However, their physical documentation typically is not.
“To meet the increasingly stringent and complex legal, regulatory, and operational requirements for managing records, there must be significant improvements in the process by which organizations manage all of their records.” To protect your data, you need to create a plan, back up your data, and test your recovery plan on a regular basis.